2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Review

The 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King brings classic, FL design elements and the MoCo’s newest engine — the Milwaukee-Eight — together for this new generation of the touring king. Not only is the engine all new, but Harley finally got out of its suspension rut and threw on something other than its usual vanilla components. Is it enough, and can it compete with other established cruise/tourmodels out there? What else has Harley hidden away in there? Join me as I take a good look at the new FLHR and check out what all the factory tucked in there to stay relevant in an ever more demanding market.


Harley-Davidson Road King

Longtime fans of the brand will recognize the influence of the old Duo-Glide circa 1958 and the FLH models that came after. Really, it’s the front end that sets the tone with massive, 49 mm forks made to look even fatter with a chrome, “beer can” fork skirt and “Hiawatha” headlamp nacelle. Whisker-bar mounted passing lamps and turn signals finish the forward lighting, and a large, “Detachables” windshield crowns the whole assembly.

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