2017 Cadillac CT6 Platinum AWD Review: Luxury, reinvented

Cadillac could’ve followed its luxury rivals, but instead the 2017 CT6 rethinks its segment, injecting both sporting enthusiasm and style into an unabashedly tech-savvy sedan. Though GM’s luxury arm has been making strides with its V Series over the past few years, charming fans of all-American muscle with potent four-door after potent four-door, the real challenge has been expanding from that niche and standing toe-to-toe with the best Germany has to offer. In top-of-the-line CT6 Platinum AWD form, they’ve succeeded.

The CT6 is, to my eyes anyway, the best looking car in Cadillac‘s current line-up. Its front is a particular success, with the broad, sculpted grille looking suitably imposing though less fussy than some earlier iterations. Cadillac’s designers apparently made a conscious decision to move away from the more overt creases and slashes of previous cars; the result is something that can happily go up against the E-Class and 5 Series. Distinctive and tasteful, but sharp with it.

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