2017 BMW M2 CSR By Lightweight Performance Review

As impressive as the BMW M2 is, rumors of a more hardcore version of the sportscoupe are still bubbling to the surface. BMW has yet to confirm or deny the possibility beyond filing trademarks for the BMW M2 CS back in November 2016. But even without any official statements, there’s growing momentum of the car actually arriving, even though nobody knows exactly when. In the meantime, those itching to drive a nastier BMW M2 can look at the aftermarket scene to scratch that itch; it just so happens that Lightweight Performance has a new program for the BMW M2 that not only packs 610 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque but also has a good name – the BMW M2 CSR – to go with it.

Eagle-eyed readers will probably remember that Lightweight Performance already has a previous program for the BMW M2. It unveiled it back in September 2016 and it featured, among other things, an engine upgrade program that tops out at 450 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. It was a good program, but nothing compared to what Lightweight has prepared for the M2 this time. It’s not just about the cool name or the significant increase in power. This program also features a handful of new aerodynamic upgrades for the coupe’s exterior and a completely reconfigured interior that now includes an actual roll cage. This isn’t your standard BMW M2 anymore, ladies and gentlemen.

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