2017 BMW i8 Review: A 21st Century Supercar

Electric cars needn’t be hair-shirts and eco-piety: they can be like the 2017 BMW i8, and attempt to combine the best qualities of gas and electricity in one. Flagship of the i Series, BMW‘s overtly outlandish push to embrace alternative powertrains, the i8 isn’t just a striking coupe but a clever combination of traditional and modern. Not only that, it makes a surprising amount of practical sense, too.

Even now, several years after its debut, the i8 looks faintly otherworldly. “Like a concept car come to life” may be a cliche, but it’s nonetheless an accurate one. The proportions are textbook coupe but the silhouette, the unusual use of negative space as with the buttresses, and the gaping hole in the hood, are anything but.

It gets attention, but then people ask you “what’s under the hood?” and things become complicated.

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