2017 BMW G310R Review

Er, well, BMW’s first made-in-India motorcycle is actually a perfectly nice little piece. Should anybody be surprised? The Bavarians have now beaten the rest of the world (or tied it) in just about every moto category (including bagger with its K1600B); why should inexpensive entry level be any different?

You get one 80mm piston, popping up and down 62.1mm per stroke, under a four-valve head and double-overhead cams. The claim is 34 hp; the fact is 31.45 rear-wheel horses at 9700 rpm on the Dynojet 250 – and 19.32 pound-feet of torque at 7600 rpm. That’s 5 more horses than the Honda CB300F (1000 rpm higher) that won our 2014 Lightweight Nakeds Shootout. It’s also 8 hp less than the KTM Duke 390 (a perennial favorite), but you can’t win ’em all. In terms of personality, the BMW lies somewhere in between those two – but in general it feels more like the feisty little KTM than the nicest-people Honda.

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