When the mid-cycle refresh of the Nissan Altima debuted last year, we wrote a first drive impression of the new car. Now almost a year onwards, it’s time for a closer look with the benefit of direct comparison with the competition.

In the world of the mid-size family sedan, the Toyota Camry is still the 800-pound gorilla, selling more units than any other passenger car in America. In the first eight months of 2016, the Camry has sold 269,746 units, an average of 33,718 cars per month; more than 1,000 Camrys every day. The Honda Accord is second, selling 231,415 so far this year. Then comes the Nissan Altima at 217,290 cars so far this year, or 27,161 units per month on average. Those are staggering numbers, and they make the Altima absolutely mission-critical to Nissan’s bottom line. This is a car where Nissan cannot take chances, yet must stand out in terms of features and economy.


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