2016 Honda NC700X Long-Term Review

The most important thing about the upgrades Honda gave itsNC700X for 2016 is that it provided me the excuse to borrow one in order to evaluate them. And you can’t really ascertain whether a bigger windscreen, sharp new bodywork and muffler, and a bigger storage compartment are really what they’re purported to be without some long-term testing, can you? (Unfortunately, we can’t speak to the improvements in the Dual Clutch Transmission since we got the 6-speed manual; maybe we need to borrow a DCT when this one goes back for purely scientific purposes?)

Longtime MO readers probably are aware of the soft spot in my heart for this motorcycle, and how I’ve defended it against all critics and upvoted it as much as possible in every comparison. Usually it loses anyway: Callow testers without my extensive background and discriminating taste, easily distracted by shinier objects, can’t wrap their heads around a torquey Twin that only makes 48 horsepower on its way to a 7000-rpm redline. Now and then the fog clears though.

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