2016 Energica Eva First Ride Review

There’s no disputing the Energica Eva is fast. With a claimed torque output of 125.4 lb-ft., Energica’s Eva makes the mightyKTM Super Duke R seem anemic (95.7 lb-ft. at 8,100 rpm). A rider twisting the Eva’s throttle to its stop finds himself on the other side of a wrinkle in time in a gearchange-less rush of quiet acceleration. Repeated often it could reverse the aging process. Or not, but it’s fun to try.

061316-2016-energica-eva-Credit DAMIANO FIORENTINI 5

Our 2014 bike of the year, the Super Duke R, substantially bests the Eva’s horsepower (154 to 95), so, maybe it’s more of a performance wash between the two. That is, until factoring in the Eva’s 617-pound curb weight, and $34,500 MSRP makes a punchline of any comparative analysis.

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