2016 BMW 330e Review: The secret plug-in hybrid

The BMW 330e iPerformance isn’t the car to buy if you want people to know you’re saving the planet. In fact, from behind the wheel of the 2016 330e, I had to keep glancing at the display to make sure that I was, indeed, driving a plug-in hybrid and not one of BMW‘s regular 3 Series cars. Say hello to the Germans’ secret green family.

Later that day, falling into unplanned convoy with a blacked-out M3 and his bodykitted friend, I thought about how BMW has to cater now to more than just the performance crowd. “The Ultimate Driving Machine” used to mean horsepower and handling and torque; now it also has to mean electrification, and emissions, and coaxing a hundred years of automotive habit into not only embracing but excelling at alternative propulsion.

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