2016 Bentley Continental GT review

For British automaker Bentley, the name Continental implies Europe, where drivers can log many more miles than the distance between John ‘o Groats and Penzance, about as far as you can go in the UK without crossing seas. As such, Bentley designed the 2016 Continental GT V8 S for a trip from Plymouth to Prague, or Barcelona to Rome, likely with a stop in Monaco.


To get some sense of its long-range behavior, I took the 2016 Continental GT V8 S on a run from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and back again, traversing both the long highway and crowded urban centers.

The test brought to light the efficiency of Bentley’s powerful V-8 engine, a newer option for the still-available W-12 cylinder, the comfort of its cabin and chassis, and the accuracy of its navigation. And cruising through Los Angeles and San Francisco showed bystanders’ reaction to the Continental’s subtle styling and can’t-ignore-it Monaco Yellow paint job.

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