2016 Arch KRGT-1 Review

Arch Motorcycles’ flagship bike brings innovative design, crushing performance and artistic flair together for buyers looking for something, shall we say, a little more exclusive. Proprietary engine management components and an S&S twin-cam V-twin drive the bike with over 120 pound-feet of torque to work with, so it’s far from being just a showy curb ornament. This ride is the first fruit borne of the partnership between actor Keanu Reeves and self-taught engineer Gard Hollinger. Keanu’s influence and star power is reflected in the first two letters of the KRGT-1 moniker, but he is far from just being a celebrity face-man for a company.

This whole project got started when Mr. Reeves decided to build his own bike, and the relationship developed with Mr. Hollinger during this project gave birth to this bike, sort of. The original set the tone for the production model, but every part was re-worked for the limited-edition production model.

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