2016 – 2017 Victory High-Ball Review

Victory is something of a Johnny-come-lately in the American motorcycle scene (since 1998). Its main competitors, Indian Motorcycles— which falls under the Polaris umbrella along with Victory — and Harley-Davidson, boast over 100 years of experience each in the U.S. market, so there can be no doubt that Victory has its work cut out for it. The factory usually uses its lack of deep roots as a springboard for a more-progressive design, but the High-Ball is something of a departure from the norm. Let’s take a look at this ride and see what Victory does with the modern-retro combo.


To be honest, Victory bikes are usually a little too “Nessy” for my taste — a little too flowy; a little too Alien-meets-Predator. Oddly enough, the High-Ball maintains many of those attributes, but manages to dial back the clock a bit with some custom touches from America’s custom culture circa mid- 20th century. Similarly sized whitewall tires cap laced rims for a down-to-earth symmetry, and the cut-down front fender, blacked out headlight can and other black features interrupt the flow in a curious blend of then-and-now.

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