2016 – 2017 Indian Springfield Review

The newest pressure on Harley-Davidson  comes in the form of the new-in-2016 Indian Springfield. Named a “bagger” by the Indian marketing folks, it is much closer to the truth to call it a tour bike. Before you start shaking your head, I would point out that big touring fairings are a relatively recent feature, and that back in the day. this is what American touring models looked like.

Back in 1901 when George Hendee brought in Oscar Hedstrom to help power his bicycle designs, he couldn’t have known that he was launching a legacy that would, off and on, be in operation through the entirety of the 20th century and into the future. Yet, here we are in 2016 with a revamped Indian Motorcycle Company that is thriving under the Polaris umbrella and taking a serious bite out of the domestic motorcycle market, a slice of the pie that for many years was under the de facto monopoly of H-D. They say that competition is good for the market, and I believe that the recent success of Indian products has forced Harley out of its complacency and driven innovations that may never have happened…..or at least not yet.

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