2015 Alfa Romeo 4C vs. 2014 Porsche Cayman – Comparison Tests

Do your tax returns routinely trigger DEFCON alerts at the IRS? Are your personal finances cited in biz-school case studies of the filthy rich? If so, please skip this story. This comparison test is for sports-car enthusiasts of somewhat lesser means—those with Moët tastes and, well, a Moët budget, once in a while, if the kids are already out of college.

After years of threatening a comeback and delivering a few 8C moon rocks, Alfa Romeo has resumed shipping cars to America. If images of star-crossed Milano sedans or Benjamin Braddock from The Graduatecome to mind, you’re way overdue for a software upgrade. The Alfa 4Cchallenging Porsche’s second-generation Cayman in this test is a legit exotic with a base price barely above that of a Corvette Stingray.

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