2015-2017 Yamaha WR250F Review

First introduced in 2001, the WR250F has seen some changes through the years up to and including 2014 — most notably the alloy frame introduced in 2007, improved suspension and some ergonomic tweaks — but for the most part, it had gradually fallen from being a hot ticket to same-old, same-old mediocrity. That changed in 2015. With updates in technology, including the revolutionary rearward slanted engine, an added sixth gear and wide-ratio transmission, twin-chamber fork and fuel injection, the WR250F is a hot ticket once again in the Enduro world, where Yamaha hopes to revive interest in the 250 cc market that has been waning since they essentially quit updating the WR250F in 2007.



“While the 2014 model was slimmer in the waist and had a lower seat height, the throttle responsiveness, nimble handling and agility of the 2015 model made it more a bike that rises to your skill level rather than one that needs to be wrestled into submission.”

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