2015 – 2017 Yamaha Star V Star 250 Review

If you’re a carburetor fan, you’re still in luck for a 250 cc commuter bike with the 2017 V Star 250. Introduced in 2008, the V Star 250 replaced the Virago 250, but was essentially the same bike spec-wise. The V Star 250 is a good entry-level bike and a contender for your choice of an economically sound commuter ride.


Yamaha Star V Star 250

“Approachable” is what Yamaha calls it, which means it’s a friendly ride for folks new to two wheels.

The 2017 model is a carry over from last year and essentially the same bike Star has offered since 2012 when they redesigned the mirrors and lowered the buckhorn handlebars that were so prominent on previous model years.

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