2015 – 2017 Yamaha FZ6R Review

Everybody that rides gets a first bike, yet not every rider can find something in the entry-level market that suits their needs. Some folks have no interest in progressing through the higher displacements, and are looking for more of an all-in-one package that can serve as a trainer with room to grow into a commuter or funtime weekend bike.Yamaha fills this particular niche with its FZ6 R in an effort to grab a slice of that pie while engendering some brand loyalty just in case the customer does decide to upgrade one day. It’s a tricky thing to balance user friendliness and enough performance to prevent boredom, but that’s exactly what the Tuning Fork Company tries to do here. Let’s dive in and see what the factory has in store for us.


Yamaha FZ6R

Less naked than the similarly priced FZ-07 with less performance than the similarly sized YZF -R6, the FZ6R finds its place in the balance. The front end is sporty enough with a look not unlike the YZF-R6 supersport with a sharp entry and cyclops headlight leading the way. A vented engine cowling re-integrates cooling air with the slipstream for reduced turbulence and drag, and it comes slightly cut away to give a glimpse of the engine. Not really naked, just showing a bit of ankle below the hem is all.

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