2015 – 2017 Honda XR650L Review

Honda carries its venerable XR 650L line into 2017, but to be honest, it’s almost completely unchanged from the original version unleashed on the world back in 1993. Before you scoff, I would point out that sharks haven’t changed in millions of years, having evolved long ago into creatures perfectly suited to their environments, and apparently, so it is with the XR650L. The Red Riders got it right out of the gate with this one, and popular support keeps the bike on Honda’s showroom floors even after nearly a quarter-century. I want to see what Honda has going on over there that gives this bike such longevity.


The terms “adventure bike” and “ dual sport” get thrown around a lot, and while some of the categorizations are a little ambiguous and the edges a little blurry, there is no question that this bike prefers the brown over the black. Sure, we have proper lighting to include turn signal, headlight and taillight, but much like its predecessor the enduro, everything else from the suspension to the body panels and the tires screams “off-road”

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