2015-2017 Ducati Monster 821 Review

What does you do when you have a powerful and popular naked sportbike such as the Monster 1200 and a smaller, simplified version of same with an 803 cc powerplant? You simply add a third model, according to Ducati. Introducing the stop-gap Monster 821 siblings. The base model carries many of the genetic markers associated with the Monster range with a 112-horsepower engine and host of electronic gadgets that never made it onto the entry-level 797 model. This plugs a significant gap in its naked Monster lineup and gives us an entry-friendly model with a taste of the refinement typically enjoyed on the larger-displacement rides. Ducati followed up with the race-tastic “Stripe” version that pulls adjustable front-suspension components off the top shelf for another layer of ride-quality control. Something for everyone? Perhaps not, but a damn good compromise between the existing models within the range in many ways.



“The Monster 821 carries the same stance, tank shape and flylines that make the Monster 1200 so recognizable.”

Ducati stuck to the stance, tank shape and flylines that make the Monster 1200 so recognizable. A cut-down fender leads the way beneath a minimal headlight housing that contains bright hi- and low-beam bulbs with LED marker lights and turn signals. The plane of the headlight flows into the backside of the instrument panel to form a sort-of vestigial flyscreen.

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