10 Least Expensive New Cars for 2020

With base prices as low as $14,095 there are still new and affordable sedans and hatchbacks to fit many budgets.

Car buyers limited by a tight budget live in a reality shared by many, and the anxiety of those constraints expands infinitely if you’re doing your shopping on used-car sites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Lucky for you, buying a new car under $18,000 doesn’t have to mean meeting a stranger in the parking lot of a Target with an envelope of cash. Will you finish first in the race to the next stoplight in any of these options? It’s unlikely. Thankfully for 2020, even the least-expensive cars can be had with a backup camera–required on all new vehicles since 2018–and they come with Bluetooth capability, touchscreen infotainment controls, and, if you’re cool enough, an optional manual transmission to fan some enjoyment back into those tight pockets.

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