Yi Technology M1 CSC Hands-On Preview

Available in silver or black, the Yi M1 surprised many by being announced at Photokina 2016 as a new Micro Four Thirds compact system camera. Yi Technology has been known for producing a number of affordable action cameras, that compete with GoPro, so to suddenly announce a new Micro Four Thirds camera has come as a shock to many. More so, considering the high specification and low-price of the new camera.

Yi M1 Black (7) (Custom)

With a 20 megapixel sensor, it offers the same resolution are some of the more premium Micro Four Thirds cameras, such as the Olympus PEN-F, Panasonic Lumix GX8, and the recently announced (but not yet released) Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II. The Yi-M1 also offers 4K video recording, with stereo sound. Yet, the Yi-M1 will be available from around £253 GBP at current exchange rates (final pricing in UK to be confirmed). This is roughly 3 to 4 times cheaper than the cameras mentioned above!

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