Xiaomi MI5S VS Meizu Pro 6 Plus Camera Review

In 2016, Meizu and Xiaomi have released a lot of new products to make us surprise continuously, the Meizu Pro 6 Plus with Snapdragon 8890 processor, and Xiaomi MI5S aiming at photographing which enable us excited.If you want to know their camera performance, right now you can read the review about their camera comparison. They both use 12MP rear camera, which one is better?

Exposure/White Balance/Color Performance

Under the good light and dark light, we found Meizu Pro 6 plus has higher exposure than Xiaomi MI5S a little. From the photo samples below from up to down to show daylight, morning and night, we also discover Xiaomi MI5S picture is a little darker than Meizu Pro 6 Plus,

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