WyzeCam Review: the best security camera $20 can buy

Security cameras are known for being pricey, and that’s why Wyze is so unusual. Forget spending $100+ for a name-brand home security camera or $50+ for a generic brand. Wyze is a small cube-shaped camera that costs $19.99, making it one of — if not the most — affordable home security cameras on the market. What kind of compromises were made to hit such a low price point? Surprisingly few.


The Wyze camera is sold in a small, dense rectangular box. Open the box and you’ll find two smaller cubes: one cube is the camera and the other contains its long USB charging cable. Joining both is a round metal pancake and a 3M adhesive backing. It’s all very simple. The camera’s hinged and magnetic base is already attached to the bottom of the camera, but you don’t have to use it.

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