Will the Canon 1DX III Help Save the DSLR Market?

The Canon 1DX III is a specialist tool, but it shows there’s still life left in DSLRs.

There has been a lot of debate about the current state of the camera market. Many believe that DSLRs have had their time and that Mirrorless cameras are now the king of the jungle. Others believe that DSLRs still have a role to play. It seems as though two giants of the industry (Nikon and Canon) think that DSLRs still have some life left in them yet. Canon’s leading the charge with its 90D, and now the newly announced Canon 1DX III. The new Pro body DSLR from Canon will no doubt be a hit with photographers working in the field, but what will these cameras do for the DSLR market overall? Let’s talk about that after the break.

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