We Handheld The Canon EOS R5 at 105mm for Over a Second

A bunch of lenses got a firmware update today and perform even better with the Canon EOS R5.

I’m a photographer that was trained to not rely on image stabilization–and I’ve seen that this training has helped so much with my photography. Today, all of Canon’s RF lenses with image stabilization are getting a new firmware update. With the Canon EOS R5 and the Canon EOS R6, they now work with the internal stabilization systems to produce more steady results. Canon has stated that with specific lenses, you can get up to 8 stops of image stabilization. So if you’re one of those photographers that loads up on too much coffee, can’t control their breathing, or just has shaky hands, you have a better chance. And for those of us who do things the old school way, we’re now able to do a whole lot more.

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