Wareable big test : 5 360-degree cameras go head-to-head

Photography and videography are usually all about careful framing before taking the shot. This new breed of 360-degree cameras flips that on its head, capturing the view in all directions and allowing the viewer to pick their angle later.

There are some big, pro-level rigs on offer such as theGoPro Omni, but 360-degree video and photos aren’t just for the pros.

Big test: 360 degree cameras rated

The process used to involve manually stitching together shots in expensive specialist software, combining shots from a number of separate cameras. While it’s possible to take that approach if you want to be able to fine tune results, the beauty of these consumer 360-degree cameras is that they do most of the work for you.

The five cameras in this lineup, while not exactly budget options, mean that you can put together your own spherical world views (along with a compatible smartphone). We find out which one is the best one to take out and about.

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