Vlogging for beginners – what gear do you need?

Vlogging seems to be growing more and more popular with each passing day. Pioneers such as Casey Neistat have inspired many to go out, grab a camera, and start a vlog about whatever they’re crazy about – fashion queens showing makeup techniques, travelers sharing all the amazing places they’ve been to, freaks making hilarious vids, and what not.

It is namely this increasing interest in vlogging that inspired the writing of today’s not so short article. With it, we want to help you in choosing the appropriate gear for your budget. There are four main areas of the production of vlogs that we would like to discuss today – Cameras, Lighting, Sound, and Editing. We will also explain what one should look for and give a couple of gear examples from different price ranges. What’s more, we have provided a specially filtered search in our laptop database for notebooks appropriate for video editing.

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