Sony HX90V Review

If you’re an enthusiastic photographer looking for a compact camera that you can slip in a pocket and take anywhere, Sony’s RX100-series offers a great choice with a much larger-than-average sensor for spectacular image quality. But what if you prefer a far-reaching zoom lens, and are willing to trade off on sensor size to get it? Well, that’s where the 18-megapixel Sony HX90V comes in.

Clearly aimed at photographers who prefer to shoot with the camera to their eye, rather than shooting at arm’s length as is the norm these days, the Sony HX90V is claimed to be the world’s smallest compact camera to feature both a built-in viewfinder and zoom lens with 30x or greater reach. What makes this all the more impressive is that it’s barely any larger or heavier than the smallest 30x zoom camerawithout a viewfinder, too — the simultaneously-launched Sony WX500.

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