Sony A7 III vs A7 II – Noise Comparison

The web is buzzing with all the reviews and news of Sony’s new powerhouse for a bargain price, the A7 III. The new A7 III put a huge number of upgrades into the ‘basic’ model of full-frame mirrorless camera, including vastly improved autofocus, dual card slots, a bunch of new features and a brand new backside illuminated sensor. I’ve got an A7 III in my possession, and while a full review will be forthcoming in the next week or two, I thought I’d take a quick look at the new sensor with regards to high ISO performance.

Improved high ISO is certainly not the only improvement with this sensor, and in my shooting with the camera so far, I have found the A7 III to have better shadow detail and more malleable files in general, but I have definitely noticed improved performance at higher ISOs, and wanted to see how it truly performed in comparison to the A7 II, the model it replaces in the Sony lineup.

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