Sony A6300 Review

In mid-2014, Sony launched a product with spectacular appeal. The Alpha A6000, says its maker, is not only the best-selling mirrorless camera to date, but also the best-selling interchangeable-lens camera with a pricetag at or above US$600. Now, it follows up with the Sony A6300, a camera which has one very tough act to follow — but it looks to be more than up to the task.

The Sony A6300 keeps most everything which made its predecessor so popular, but makes some very worthwhile changes. Key among these are a new image sensor and updated image processing algorithms which, together, bring lower noise levels and much-improved autofocus. There’s also a brand-new, higher-resolution electronic viewfinder, and its made all the more useful by the ability to shoot with a live-view feed at rates of up to an impressively-swift eight frames per second. Add in some great refinements to the camera’s video capture capabilities, and the Sony A6300 looks to be a very promising product indeed.

Sony A6300 Review -- Product Image

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