Samyang AF 45mm f/1.8 FE Review

Samyang is now well established in the field of AF lenses, building on the solid base of high-quality manual focus optics. This new lens covers the field of view defined as being closest to the human eye, the standard lens. 45mm may seem slightly wider than usual, but this stems from tradition as so many things in photography do. The standard lens for a format is deemed to be the diagonal measurement of that format, so for the 24x36mm full frame that would be 43mm. In fact, only Pentax have a 43mm lens, but there have been many 45mm offerings and, given that many inscribed focal lengths are approximations anyway, this new lens is close enough to that standard. So we need to look at how the wider standard lens works in practice, as well as the performance of the lens itself. For this review, we couple the lens with the 42MP Sony A7R III full frame body.

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