Ricoh GR III shooting experience: “Shut up and take my money”

‘The best camera is the one you you have with you’. I think Ghandi said that. It’s not true, of course – the best camera is the Pentax MX and unlike Ghandi I’ll fight anyone who says different.

What is true – and what the author of that aphorism meant – is that the best camera in the world is of no use whatever if you leave it at home. Like many photo obsessives, I carry a camera with me at almost all times, even if it’s just the 12MP camera on my phone. The cameras I tend to reach for when I leave the house now are a far cry from the gear I used to shoot with professionally. Gone are the days of carrying two Nikon D3S bodies and a brace of F2.8 zooms on my back, and my back is happier for it.

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