Relonch hands-on: Subscription camera meets AI Photoshop whizz

For most people, their wedding day is the only time in life that they get the benefit of a professional photographer, but Relonch wants to change all that. Pairing their leather-wrapped, control-scarce 291 camera with the smarts of a virtual Photoshop pro in the cloud, the company’s goal is to bring you out from behind the lens and back into the moment, only without sacrificing great pictures in the process. Question is, can that be worth a not-inconsiderable monthly subscription? I slung a blue suede camera around my neck for a week to find out.

The Relonch name might be familiar to you. A little over two years ago, the company caught some headlines with its idea of a camera attachment for the iPhone. Effectively a battery case with an APS-C sensor and large-aperture lens on the back, into which an iPhone slots, the concept was better photography than Apple’s handset itself could offer, yet with the connectivity and app ecosystem iOS empowers.

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