Panasonic tackles Lytro-like ‘shoot now, focus later’ photography

Lytro has been trying to convince the world that we want to be able to play with the focus areas in our photographs post-hoc, albeit using its elegant-to-a-point technology. Panasonic seems to have taken this crusade to heart, and disclosed that it’s working on what sounds like a less sexy-sounding but more practical brute-force approach to the problem.

The company seems to be combining its fast sensor readout (240fps for the latest sensor), its Depth-from-Defocus autofocus system (the DFD system calculates distance-to-subject by comparing two images with different characteristics in its out-of-focus areas), and its 4K burst mode at 30 frames per second with up to 50 different focus areas to create a focused-everywhere photo. After that, you’ll tap the subject you like and the camera would apply the appropriate and accurate blur based on its database of lens-focus data.

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