Panasonic Lumix GX800 preview: Small but perfectly formed

For all that the Lumix GF7 was compact, it wasn’t the prettiest camera around. Hitting the UK in early 2015, the slightly-updated GF8 skipped the UK and the US, but added some features that find their way into this new GX800.

One of the important moves, however, is tidying up the design for a better-looking camera overall. For the smallest and cheapest model in the Lumix G family, that’s an important point and well executed. Announced at CES 2017, we had our hands on this dinky CSC prior to launch for a quick preview.


Following the narrative we’ve already started, the GX800 presents a simpler design than previous GF models, ditching the bump that houses the flash for a more seamless top line. This gives the illusion of being a more compact model, moving on from the mock DLSR design, to something a little more like Olympus’ E-PL models.

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