Nikon D780 vs Canon EOS 6D Mark II: The battle of budget full-frame DSLRs

The Canon versus Nikon debate has been raging for decades. Mirrorless cameras have diluted the competition and introduced new teams, but the Canon/Nikon rivalry runs deep. The latest battleground revolves around entry-level full-frame DSLRs, the Canon EOS 6D Mark II and the Nikon D780.

We use the term “entry-level” loosely. These cameras may be the cheapest full-frame DSLRs in each company’s lineup, but they are both robust machines with many pro-level features. Canon released the 6D Mark II in 2017 that kept pace with Nikon’s older D750 and one-upped it with better live-view features. The Nikon D780 came out in 2020 to finally replace the D750, with Nikon looking again to take the crown among entry-level full-frame DSLRs.

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