Meizu Pro 6 Mobile camera review


Equipped with a 21Mp 1/2.4”-type sensor (5312×3984 pixels) and a 31mm f/2.2 lens, the Meizu Pro 6 achieves an overall DxOMark mobile score of 74. With a Photo sub-score of 78, highlights for still photography include fast autofocus performance via the phase detection and laser-assisted autofocus system, and flash pictures with great detail using the dual-tone flash unit with no fewer than ten LED lights. The Meizu Pro 6 also delivered mostly well-exposed images with pleasant color in many of our tests, although we found dynamic range in some exposures to be a little limited in default mode.

Capable of 4K video capture (3840x2160px @ 30fps), the Meizu Pro 6 achieved a Video sub-score of 66 points. Outdoor movies render vivid and pleasant color, and noise is reasonably well-controlled in both indoor and outdoor videos. The reliable autofocus performance translates to video capture, too, which we found consistently accurate in auto mode. The Meizu Pro 6 also features geo-tagging and a built-in picture editor, but no image stabilization for eiWe found some shots lacked dynamic range in default exposure mode, but the Meizu Pro 6 does offer a HDR mode that can be activated manually.

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