Meike 6.5mm f/2.0 Fisheye Lens Review

Meike 6,5mm F2 Fisheye Front Oblique View

The fisheye lens is clearly alive and well throughout the various makes available, as a dazzling array of options is there for the taking. These fall into various categories, but essentially the main difference is between those that offer a full frame image and those that offer a circle within the normal image format. This new Meike lens offers a circular or most of a circular image depending on format, a wider than usual field of view and a very compact, inexpensive package. So far so good, now let’s see how the actual performance and usability match up.

Handling and Features

The lens is small, not overly heavy at 300g, and offers a very wide f/2 maximum aperture plus a very wide 190-degree field of view. Definitely there is a need to watch out for fingers, feet, shadows and coats edging their way into the pictures.

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