Maximus Camera Floodlight review: Brand X is trying harder

It’s been around for years, but now it’s doing more to earn your attention.

The brand might not be as familiar, but they’re not newbies. The Maximus Camera Floodlight delivers a strong set of features at a compelling price.

Ring is the brand most people think of when it comes to floodlight cams, but Maximus (and its corporate ally Kuna, which provides the underlying technology) is trying harder to get noticed. The Maximus Camera Floodlight, first announced way back at last year’s CES is finally available—and it’s a compelling value.

The Maximus doesn’t have an answer for every feature that you’ll find in the Ring Floodlight Cam, but it offers some features Ring doesn’t (I’m in the process of reviewing Ring’s product). The biggest difference is in the floodlight itself. Both companies build their floodlights with LEDs, but where the Ring’s are inside somewhat conventional cans, the Maximus’ lights are flat rectangular panels. The large motion passive-infrared sensor that hangs down and in between the two panels like a round proboscis imbues the Maximus with an insect-like appearance.=

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