Link-U security camera review: 4G connectivity and battery backup let this camera deliver security anywhere

The Link-U 4G SmartCam with is a quirky security camera if portability is a high priority, but its app could use some work.

An irony of Wi-Fi security cameras is that the very thing that enables their many strengths—internet connectivity—is also its their most glaring weakness. All it takes is a spotty connection for your camera to go dark at the wrong time. The Link-U, billed as the world’s first ever “hybrid connection” camera, promises to eliminate that risk.

The Link-U’s hybrid design refers to a couple of features. Most significantly, it can connect to the internet via hardwired ethernet, Wi-Fi, or an internal LTE modem. This allows it to automatically determine the best connection option depending on your situation, and to switch fluidly between them as you move the camera to different environments. Just be aware that you’ll need to sign up with a 4G LTE service provider to take advantage of this feature (in the U.S., that would be AT&T, T-Mobile, or any reseller using those networks).

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