Lilygo T-Watch K210: A cheap base for a smartwatch with a display, camera and Wi-Fi

The TTGo T-watch K210 could be the basis for a smartwatch project, with Lilygo incorporating a display, a camera and Wi-Fi. The K210 supports Bluetooth 4.2 and has a USB Type-C port, too.

The Lilygo TTGo T-Watch K210 is, in a sense, a starting point for a smartwatch project. The ESP32-based device boasts plenty of hardware, with Lilygo having included a 1.54-inch touchscreen display, 16 MB of QSPI flash storage and a camera among other components. However, please keep in mind that the K210 does not include a battery, which is a factor that we would need overcoming if you want to use the device without it being connected to the mains.

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