Light L16 Review

The Light L16 – The most-hyped camera ever?

When Light first came on the scene, way back in April of 2015, we were pretty excited by what they were promising with their “DSLR-killer” technology. We were among the first to announce them to the photography world, and I interviewed Dr. Rajiv Laroia, their CTO in some depth a bit over a week later. I was pretty impressed and excited; Rajiv is clearly an extremely bright guy, and as one of the developers of LTE cell phone technology, he had a lot of street cred as an entrepreneur able to bring advanced technologies to market. He was very assured of the soundness of their approach, going so far as to say that their technology would make DSLRs obsolete in 10 years — obsolete, as in they would no longer exist.

After that auspicious introduction, there followed a good two years of PR teasers and hype for the coming product.

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