Hands on: Insta360 X4 review – the best 360-degree camera just got better

Insta360 X4: two-minute reviewThe best handheld 360-degree camera just got better with the latest iteration, the Insta360 X4. It builds on the X3, most notably bumping up the video resolution from 5.7K to 8K – and when we’re talking about such a wide field of view from twin ultra-wide lenses, resolution matters.Insta360 X4 specs:Sensor: Dual 72MP 1/2-inch sensorsVideo: 8K 360-degree, 5.7K up to 60fps, 4K up to 100fps, single lens up to 4K 60fpsLCD: 2.5-inch touchscreenVideo modes: Active HDR,

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