GoPro Hero 7 Black review: An action camera for the social age

Ever wondered why GoPro’s flagship camera is called “the Black” but has always been silver or gray? Well, with the Hero 7, the company has righted that wrong. Cognitive dissonance aside, there are a few other things fixed with this year’s update, but the big question is: Are they the issues that matter to you? If your frustrations center around shaky footage or wrangling your videos onto social media, then yes. If you were hoping for a laundry list of new video modes then, maybe not so much (4K/60fps is still the max). There is a little something here for everyone, though, and — importantly — it keeps the $399 price tag of the Hero 6 it replaces. The question this time seems to be: Can it replace your phone (camera)?


The Hero 7 might not come with a host of new shooting modes or imaging improvements, but it does come with a few key tweaks that make it exciting to new and old users alike. The upgrade in stability alone will save hours of potential memories from the trash can.

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