Google Clips’ AI is learning to be a better photographer

Google Clips, the AI-enhanced camera that promises to capture moments you’d miss with your smartphone, is getting a brain upgrade. A new update for the hands-free camera promises to make it smarter at spotting the sort of activities users probably want to have records of, like hugs and dancing.

Launched earlier this year, Clips stands at odds to most camera experiences. Rather than demanding the user consider the scene in front of them through a preview display or viewfinder, Clips is designed to be turned on, pointed in the general direction of the action, and then left to its own devices. The camera itself decides what to capture and what to ignore.

The resulting photos and short video animations are then transferred over to the user’s smartphone. Initial feedback from reviewers proved to be mixed: some praised Clips’ ability to capture moments that they couldn’t photograph themselves, often because they were too busy being involved in the scene itself. However, others complained that Clips wasn’t responsive to every type of activity, and had ignored moments they’d hoped to have recorded.

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