Fujifilm X-T4 vs. Sony A6600: Top APS-C mirrorless cameras compared

That Fujifilm and Sony are now direct competitors for flagship APS-C mirrorless cameras is a bit strange.

A few years ago, you picked Sony if you liked high-tech gadgets with fast performance, and Fujifilm if you were a more traditional photographer who preferred a slower, methodical approach to image making but still wanted high-quality results. The companies targeted different customers, and their products were fine living in their respective bubbles.

This is no longer the case. More than ever before, Fujifilm’s new X-T4 takes Sony head-on, putting the powerful A6600 to the test. Both are excellent cameras, but the Fujifilm has a few advantages for experienced enthusiasts, from a greater shutter speed range to higher-quality video. Sony’s autofocus remains unbeatable, however, and the A6600 is now selling for quite a bit less than the X-T4, making it a great buy.

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