Fuji X-A3 : 5 differences compared to the X-A2

Spot the key changes to Fuji’s budget compact system camera, the Fuji X-A3.

Fuji has announced a new camera to sit in its “budget” range of X series compact system cameras. It’s been a while since the X-A2 was announced, so we’ve compared the old with the new X-A3 to see five key differences that make this camera a worthy successor.

1. Fuji X-A3 Sensor

Fuji X-A3 Sensor

The X-A3’s predecessor, the X-A2, had a 16.3MP APS-C sensor. The size is the same for the X-A3, but there’s been a resolution jump to 24.2MP. Fuji says that the new sensor is “newly designed”, but it’s interesting to note that neither of them feature Fuji’s “X-Trans” design, instead they are conventional sensors. This helps to keep the price down and keep the X-A3 at the budget end of Fuji’s range.

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