Fly12 camera doubles as bicycle headlight

Cycling can be a dangerous ordeal, namely because of vehicles and the hostility that sometimes exists between drivers and cyclists. For this reason, many cyclists choose to have a camera on their bike, a dash cam of sorts that keeps tabs on surroundings and that serves as evidence in the case of an accident. Fly12 is one of the newest cameras for cyclists to surface, and it brings a bit more to the table than your average action cam — namely, it doubles as a headlight when its dark and as a safety light when its daytime.

Fly12 joins the previously launched Fly6 camera/light, which was designed for use on the back of a bike. Fly12 is meant for the front of the bike, and brings with it slightly different functionality. The device features a 1080p HD camera and a 400 lumen headlight. The latter of the two is joined by a flash setting, which makes the light flash to ensure drivers can see you.

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