Dream World: What I Imagine the Perfect Camera Would Look Like

The search for the perfect camera is one that goes on in every photographer’s life, and it is a journey that will probably never end. While we all love the respective systems we choose to use, you can’t deny that you wish your camera had a feature found in another brand. I hear photographers say all the time, “I love my camera, but I wish it had X from Fujifilm,” or, “I’d love my camera to be able to focus like Sony’s cameras.” A recent conversation with a friend made me dream about what the perfect camera (for me) would look like, and here, I will share my vision of perfection. Come and imagine the possibilities with me after the break.

Imagine, if you will, that all the camera companies came together to work in harmony so that the perfect camera could be built. (Yes, I know, it’s ridiculous to think that, but it’s my dream, okay.) The possibilities would be endless. Just think about the collective experience that would be in the same room together. Think about all the great minds, designers, and engineers who would pool their ideas.

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