Dji Spark Selfie Drone Review

DJI’s Spark is the company’s first attempt at a true drone for everyone. DJI has made no secret about the fact it thinks non-RC enthusiasts want a lightweight, compact quadcopter that’s easy to control. That’s exactly what the Spark is. But after spending some time with it (and a Mavic Pro, for comparison), I’m torn. The Spark is, indeed, incredibly fun, simple to use and easy to carry around. But, the gesture controls aren’t as useful, or reliable enough for new pilots. And therein lies the dilemma.

The Spark weighs about 0.7 lbs (300g), and the body is about the size of a soda can (if a little taller and slimmer). The arms don’t fold down like the Mavic, so Spark’s total footprint is actually a bit wider (though shorter) than its older sibling when you’re carrying it. The included case makes portability a cinch, though — it fits in most backpacks with tons of room to spare.

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